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Corporate Solutions

Cost Reduction Consulting Through a strategic partnership we provide a unique and innovative approach to cost containment with a primary focus on reducing operational costs and expenses, and strengthening our clients’ cash flow position. We employ a success-driven approach, and our activities are conducted on a contingency fee/shared savings arrangement. With the recent precipitous deterioration of sales revenue across most industries, cost reduction strategies are of critical value and intended to become integrated within a company’s day-to-day cost management strategy. More

Large Retail

High Volume Processing Businesses that process a high dollar volume of credit cards face unique challenges. We can recommend companies who specialize in high volume account structure to help navigate the over 200 transaction categories currently in place.

High Risk Merchants

Fraud Prevention Businesses that process credit cards in high risk categories (i.e. Electronics, Internet, Mail Order & Travel) are vulnerable to fraud. There are strategies available to help drastically reduce that risk. More 


Business Continuity


Disaster Recovery Tape drive backups are obsolete and don't provide a complete solution. A 10 page white paper provides a very thorough understanding of a new solution. More