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Small-Medium Size Business Services

Money Access to working capital is vital. If your business has been denied funds from a bank, there are alternatives. To learn about advances of up to $3 million based on credit card processing volume, click here. Other methods include asset based lending from over 100 alternative funding sources.
Payment Processing Most businesses that accept credit cards for payment are overpaying for the service. Changes in Visa & MasterCard pricing and policies take place every year. We recommend companies who not only keep up with those changes, but can analyze your account and show you how you can save money.
High Risk Consulting For companies who process $1 million or more per year in credit card volume through Visa & MasterCard, we recommend specialized consulting. More

Telecommunications Most businesses are paying retail for their phone service. You can pay wholesale prices and usually don’t have to leave the network you’re on now. More

Revenue Generation

For businesses that accept credit cards there are several value-added programs that work in conjunction with your merchant services account. Instead of just passively accepting payments from your customers, you can add services that produce income. Below are some options.

Gift Cards A powerful income generation tool that drives traffic and builds customer loyalty. It's not just for big business. The same system that national retailers use is available to smaller businesses. More

ATMs Having an ATM in your business is still a viable, and profitable venture. More

E-mail Marketing Small business owners usually don't utilize this dynamic marketing tool because they think it's cost prohibitive. You can replicate the effectiveness of email marketing on a shoestring budget. More